Stalker Series Book 1: Sharing A Stalker

I’m  huge fan of crime and punishment books, that inspired me to write the Stalker series. The first book Sharing A Stalker is now available.

Claire and Samantha have literally grown up together. Neither one of them have any siblings which cements them together as best friends if not self proclaimed sisters. Some problems arose that caused the girls to have to wait an extra year to attend college, when they finally made it to Mississippi Terrace University they also share an apartment rather than a dorm room.
Working and studying to keep their grades up and their bills paid, Samantha and Claire discover presents on their door step. With no return address, neither of them know where they came from. Seemingly harmless gifts reveal the fact that their previous findings could only have been placed where they were by someone who entered their apartment without permission.
Who would break in to their place and why were they leaving such personal gifts? The fact that they have a stalker is made even more clear as a trip to the police station turns up nothing helpful to the disappearance of Claire and their friend Derick but leaves Samantha with a lot of questions about the past between Terrace and her hometown and the disappearance of two police officers from both places. When did Samantha and Claire meet the stalker before? How is it connected to their hometown Calvart, Mississippi? How do the missing police officers fit in, are they dead or are they helping someone who has much darker motives? With the help of a dear friend, Brent in this race against time, can he and Samantha work together to uncover the truth, stop the stalker before anyone else gets hurt or taken? Is there something bigger at play than just a case of obsession and stalking?



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