The Rights Of Alley (Romance-Suspense-Drama Novella) Released

As I move forward in my journey as an author, my attempt to write at least one book or series per genre has now reached a milestone of 10 books in total. I have been told that most writer’s focus mostly on one genre so my goal is probably not plausible, however, I refuse to conform to the typical and am continuing with this goal.

My first series is a horror/thriller Trilogy, ‘Of Evil And Innocent’ which can be collected by individual book or by the special edition that contains all three stories. After the trilogy was completed I also have written a cook book, a crime thriller, an erotic romance, a tip guide and a children’s story.

Now, after having dipped into those few genres I am proud to add a romance/suspence novel to this list as my tenth release.


The Rights Of Alley

Autumn Miller’s name was changed to Alexandria Wilde after she was emancipated at a young age because her biological family abused her mentally, emotionally, physically and even sexually.

Cameron Ballard, a boy she met as a little girl is the son of one of the richest families in all of Atlanta never called her by either of her names, referring to her as Alley for reasons of his own.

After years of believing she was not good enough for Cameron the young couple admits their love for one another only to be ripped apart by a devastating accident. Through their recovery a jealous and spiteful woman invites Alley’s biological parents, her abusers to a family party to prove once and for all that she doesn’t belong at Ballard Cove let alone with Cameron? Can the young couple find their way back to one another before anymore tragedies can threaten the life they had built?



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