Casey Vice: Spitfire Of Vengeance By Joseph Rousell (Review)

Casey Vice: Spitfire Of Vengeance By Joseph Rousell

Reviewed By Amy Raines For Reader’s Favorite

Casey Vice: Spitfire Of Vengeance written By Joseph Rousell tells the story of a young police officer, Cassandra Vice who lost both of her parents at a young age. Casey, her brother Cameron and her sister LeAnn were separated; Cameron became an ADA, Casey followed in her father’s footsteps to become a cop and LeAnn is no where to be found. Casey had earned the nickname ‘Spitfire’ by taking down a large amount of criminals throughout her career with some unorthodox force which drew the attention of a local mafia organization’s boss, Shawn Anderson. An invitation to Anderson’s mansion leaves Casey confused and naturally afraid. What if she accepts the invitation and goes, what if she doesn’t? Either choice could have dangerous consequences and would probably get her killed.

Casey Vice: Spitfire Of Vengeance By Joseph Rousell has an action packed plot from beginning to end filled with the unending anger of a murdered cop’s daughter and her search for her missing sister. The characters are well developed with very distinct personalities of their own. I love how Rousell’s main character, Casandra Vice is depicted as a strong willed, independent woman who can stash her insecurities and her fears in order to deal with the problems that she faces at the moment. I recommend Casey Vice because it is a thrill ride full of crime, vengeance and injustice that keeps the reader gripping the book and wondering if the victims will find justice. I love the way Rousell describes every moment in Casey Vice with brilliant detail and I truly hope that the author has many more stories to tell about Casey and her family.


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