Multiple Book Promotions

I am proud to announce that I currently have multiple book promotions running for the next few days. If you like to read and enjoy a variety of genres, please check out my page. Some of the promotions are free eBooks, others are $0.99 promotions. The link below is to the author page so you … Continue reading Multiple Book Promotions


Is God Really Infallible: (Infallibility Book I)

I am proud to present my twelfth book written; this one discusses the main concepts behind a lot of religious beliefs and whether or not they are true. Now available on Amazon as an eBook or as a paperback! Thank you readers, I love writing the things you like to read; Here's to 2019 and … Continue reading Is God Really Infallible: (Infallibility Book I)

Stalker Series Book 1: Sharing A Stalker

I'm ¬†huge fan of crime and punishment books, that inspired me to write the Stalker series. The first book Sharing A Stalker is now available. Claire and Samantha have literally grown up together. Neither one of them have any siblings which cements them together as best friends if not self proclaimed sisters. Some problems arose … Continue reading Stalker Series Book 1: Sharing A Stalker